Saturday, May 23, 2009

A protocol of protocols. Hiding yourself in the noise...

Alright, so I have been involved in a lot of remoting++ (WCF Net.Tcp stack). I have also had a bit of rootkit development along with a taste of NIPDS/SIPDS evasion study.... the result was the bastard child of a rootkit and the [pick your agency] having a god like baby - using protocols as a systematic, pre-referenced structured table with return types. Create 8 endpoints and assign them for bit 0 - 7. Have them all report to a super-strucutre that responds to each received event from each of the hosts. Take their key value from the collection and generate a byte. Use that byte to call to a collection and get that key. Execute the delegate at that location (key=byte, value=delegate(C#) or function pointer(C)). The return type would be anticipate by a shared command table (SCT) which was bootstrap gen'd on build for that target. Instant, unstoppable - undetectable rootkit - or bullshit? And why?

Thursday, May 14, 2009

About DC225

What is DC225?
DC225 is the local DefCon group for Baton Rouge/Lafayette/Lake Charles. We accept anyone wanting to learn, and especially those wanting to share. School is always open here.

We meet every 3rd Sunday (click "Join/Members" at to find out where) to discuss anything related to advancing technology and its understanding among group members (primary focus is on security - but that means that any other technical discipline more than likely applies... you aren't going to root someone on your own if you can't code...)

What we are not:
Script Kiddies

How is it run?
Its pretty fucking simple - we act as a group. If someone doesn't like something the group decides - no big deal, no one is forced to do anything. You can't get kicked out- no one has the authority (and I am sure no one would care enough anyway). You can be silenced on the forums for flaming, etc...

So why have it?
Most of us know one another, and need another reason to drink and talk shop - and I am sure everyone would like to learn a little con-fu every once in a while.
We will be arranging a group trip to DefCon 17 (Vegas) on July 29 - Aug 4. Rooms are 89 bucks a night and sleep 4 on the beds, and I am sure it could sleep a total somewhere around 16 if you use the bathtub :). Overall it is cheap - and one hell of a party.