Tuesday, August 25, 2009

DefCon 17 Errata

Alright, DC17 has come and gone. In it's wake many vendors cringed, or crumbled. It was a blast, sans the 110 degree temps, 0 percent humidity, and 2k ft elevation. 13 parties in 3 nights took its toll, man my ConFu needs practice.

This year I talked about a tool during the EFF speech I have been building called the Windows Services RapeKit. It is a nasty little package that discerns WCF and WebServices communication and provides an interface where you can play with these services during runtime from a remote machine.

Next year I will be doing a talk about the final build of the tool at the SkyTalks 09 and hopefully EFF again. I have to get with Pyro about the talks for next year... but stay tuned. A beta version of my tool will be ready for a community preview sometime in the end of September. Hopefully we can get the dc504 guys over this side of the lake to hit some beer on a Saturday for that release.


Well, alot of our folks are remote ATM or won't be always able to come in for Sunday meetings, but Saturdays may be free. Feel free to post some stuff on the forums if you have a better day and time than the last Saturday of the month.