Thursday, December 23, 2010

DC225 Status update....

In Baton Rouge there are limited resources for an individual, working on their own merit, to have access to equipment such as supercomputers and vast distributed networks without being affiliated to the local college. Even in the local college (LSU, etc..) case - the hardware is generally substandard. Well - for those of you who are members, for an electricity fee in operating the equipment (think a few bucks a month or 'as use' costs) you will have a
1) Welding shop
2) Woodworking Shop
3) RF Development area
4) About a dozen or so beefy rack servers to run your services on
5) And encrypted chat/file distribution network
6) An area to fly/drive/burn/sink shit in.
7) The envy of your peers.
8) A wireless (G/N) shot of 8.9 miles in any direction (thus damn good listening capabilities for those researchers in the 'quieter' analysis of wireless). We wish to get Wi-Max - but we need enough subscribers to operate a WiMax AP for the entirety of BR...
9) Oh yeah... a damn super computer. A modern fridge size ,1 million USD $$$, beast. You have to notify us of when you want power and you have to pay for the juice (it runs on 220). But hey... got a genome to decode? We have a solution for that... lol

Think of it as a YMCA of hacking... Anyone interested? Well ... the facility has already been procured. The super computer is already in hand. So are about a dozen workstations, 10 or so monitors/keyboards/mice, 10 Poweredge servers with between 4-12 gigs of ram each (all are dual Xeon setups). We also have the woodshop and welding area (we need doors for these area... but we are working on building those now). This has a parking area for about 10 or so cars in a secluded ranch setup 8 miles from city center. Let's just say its 13% of the entire suburb, plus a 3 acre pond to enjoy your *non ecosystem destructive* water craft/toys.

Well... I am off to setup a deployment server for everything. Time to get cracking.

I want to give a shout to JCaffeine and Subnet11... great folks doing great things. Thanks for the hardware Caffeine... you are always on point for this and a true innovator. Subnet, you can script a config for a cisco anyting faster than anyone I have ever witnessed. And thanks for the on loan network stuff. And to Capitalism for making all this bad ass free shit FREE. Lets get to hacking....